Uttarakhand Culture

The Culture of Uttarakhand has its roots in pre-history and has passed through the millennia, assimilating the influences of the waves upon waves of settlers that have sought sanctuary in the mountains. The essence of the past, however, has remained unchanged, with reverence for Nature and the celebration of life being its fundamental creed. The arts, crafts, dance and music remain centered to this day on the many gods and goddesses, as well as the seasonal cycles. Irrespective of the sect or religion, the entire community participates in the festivals associated with religious or natural events. Of late, other events associated with history, the freedom struggle and national life have also begun to be celebrated. The Culture of Uttarakhand finds manifestation in the lifestyle of its people.
Uttarakhand has a cultured and colourful society. Uttarakhand has every thing that any tourist could want. The most significant donor for giving mass appeal to tourism in Uttarakhand is the state’s rich culture, an excellent intermingling of exoticism as well as the way of life. Frequently thought-out to be the belt of Hindu culture, the Uttarakhand’s culture is beyond doubt one of the most vital tourist attractions of Uttarakhand.
The highlights of the Uttarakhandi culture should be its history, people, religion and dances. All of them are a beautiful amalgamation of different influences from all the races and dynasties it has been ruled by. Its history is chequered in comparison to the arts culture but still interesting enough to hold a person’s consideration. Its dances are connected to life and human existence and exhibit myriad human emotions. Any trip to this tranquil will be incomplete unless you explore the wonderful culture and lifestyle of the local people.The religious, social and cultural urges of the people of Uttarakhand find an expression in various fairs and festivals, which are in turn closely linked to the social and economic activities of the region.
Uttarakhand Society and Culture contains a significant cultural divide based on the two regions of the state including the Himalayan region of Garhwal and the hilly region of Kumaon. However, the state as a whole portrays a varied cultural heritage.
The Society and Culture of Uttarakhand’s Kumaon region can said to be a blend of influences from the native population as well as from the immigrants that have come and settled in the region. And this is depicted in the dialects, languages, festivals, and fairs of the region.
The religious, social and cultural urges of the people of Uttarakhand help in forming a colorful society and culture of Uttarakhand.
The rich cultural heritage of the state is, in fact, one of the major contributors in popularizing tourism in Uttarakhand, along with its exotic beauty and pilgrim centers. Any trip to this tranquil state will be incomplete unless you explore the wonderful culture and lifestyle of the local people.

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